The Greatest Christmas Show

“The Greatest Christmas Show” takes place at the great venue Åhaga in Borås. One of Sweden’s most sought-after director and choreographer Roine Söderlundh brought together Rennie Mirro, Maria Möller, Jakob Samuel, Bosson and Linda Pritchard to create an unforgettable evening. The artists together with the great band, under the lead of P-O Nilsson, delivers everything from classical Christmas songs, humour, tribute to musicals and rock n roll.

“The shows start suggestively with the help of music and lighting design”
“It would be unfair not to mention something that happens off.stage. For example Mikael Kratt’s amplifying and dramatic lighting design”
Bo W Jonsson, BT


  • November, 2019
  • Åhaga, Borås
  • Director / Choreographer: Roine Söderlundh
  • Costume Design: Stefan Wåhlberg
  • LD: Mikael Kratt

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