Spelman på taket (Fiddler on the roof)

Spelman på taket (Fiddler on the roof) is produced by Stockholm City Theatre and is currently playing at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, starring Dan Ekborg, Pia Johansson, a large ensemble and an 8 piece orchestra led by Joakim Hallin.
The musical has gotten rave reviews from critics in Sweden.
Directed by Ronny Danielsson and choreographed by Roger Lybeck.

“Lars Östbergh has made a visually effective scenography in a dynamic light by Mikael Kratt

It’s a dazzling show. But also keen, emotional drama. And stinging melancholy.”
Karin Helander, SvD

“Roger Lybeck’s choreography creates life and movement in the ensemble scenes, while Danielsson’s direction freezes important moments with the help of Mikael Kratt’s magical lighting.”
Johanna Paulson, DN

“During the redevelopment (of the City Theatre), they run their biggest performances at Dansens hus, whose stage is not at all as big as the City Theatre’s largest. And this is a big show. But it works on this stage, too, with sparse but effective scenography (Lars Östbergh) and incredibly good lighting (Mikael Kratt).”
Jan-Olov Andersson, Aftonbladet


  • August, 2019
  • Dansens Hus, Stockholm (residence for Stockholm City Theatre)
  • Director: Ronny Danielsson
  • Choreographer: Roger Lybeck
  • Set Design: Lars Östbergh
  • Costume Design: Annsofi Nyberg
  • Make Up and Wigs: Katrin Wahlberg
  • LD: Mikael Kratt

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