Footloose – The Musical

Every year the graduates at SMU, Stockholm Musikalartist Utbildning – the leading musical education for upcoming musical artists, perform a full on musical production. This year’s musical was Footloose – The Musical.
Directed by Roine Söderlundh and choreographed by Denise Holland Bethke and Gabriella Kaiser, we follow Ren McCormacks transition from the big city to the small town.

A live orchestra consisting of 4 musicians was led by pianists and musical director Adam Dahlström!


  • August 2020
  • Intiman, Stockholm
  • Director: Roine Söderlundh
  • Choreographer: Roine Söderlundh, Denise Holland Bethke, Gabriella Kaiser
  • Sound Design: Timmie Malmberg
  • LD: Mikael Kratt

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