Wallmans Cirkusbygningen is back with a new show – “CAKE”. A fresh, edgy and great new show where singers, dancers, live musicians and world class circus acts offer everything from George Michael, Aqua and hits from the king of pop Michael Jackson.

“As always, impressively beautiful light”
Cirkus i Danmark

“The ingredients in Cake are a spectacular stage show, stirred up with cool music and seductive, young energy.

Add copious amounts of glitter, glitter, gold sequins, confetti, blistering scenography and video graphics, flashy lighting effects, and exuberant pyrotechnics.”

“CAKE – the cake is packed with pop color, bang colored plastic fantastic”

“Visually, the effects are not lavished”
KOP kultur


  • September 2023
  • Cirkusbygningen (Circus Building), Copenhagen
  • Creative Director: Johan Espeland
  • Set Design: Johan Espeland / Ljus & Dekor
  • Costume Design: Karen Christoffersen
  • Lighting Design: Mikael Kratt
  • Sound Design: Magnus Högkvist
  • LED Content: Green Wall Designs
  • Musical Director: Figge von Wachenfeldt

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